Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Testosterone levels can decline in men for a variety of reasons, including certain medical conditions as well as age. Symptoms include decreased libido, decreased energy/fatigue, decreased mood/depression, and erectile dysfunction amongst others. Testosterone deficiency can lead to significant medical problems, including heart disease. Testosterone replacement helps improve health and overall quality of life in patients with symptoms who have testosterone deficiency.

At Internal Medicine Associates of Texas, we screen for testosterone deficiency when men present with certain symptoms and signs. We then help patients weigh out the risks and benefits of testosterone replacement, reviewing the potential side effects and creating a treatment plan. We follow the guidelines of the American Urological Association but utilize Dr. Salam’s experience and knowledge to tailor each patient’s treatment.

Most patients do not realize that testosterone replacement is a covered benefit through their medical insurance. We help patients determine their benefits and obtain insurance approval for those that require it.

We offer competitive pricing for those patients who don’t have insurance and for those for whom this is not a covered benefit.

Get started on your road to wellness. Call our office at 972-566-8899 to schedule your consultation.

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